Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Wearing Havaianas In Multiple Seasons

Thanks to a knee injury a few years ago, flats are my most worn shoes.  Out of all the flats I have, I'm sure that my Havaianas are the most frequently worn.

While I do tend to swap them out for my ankle boots in the middle of winter, like the majority of Queenslanders I love my thongs (a.k.a flip-flops for the non-Aussies). The mild Brisbane weather means I can wear them for most of the year, and often do. I'm not as dedicated as some of my friends or Gold-Coast-living-sister who wear them constantly year round, but I have worn them in winter a handful of times despite how much it makes people like Beth in chilly South Adelaide shiver at the thought!

They are so incredibly easy to wear and I'm sure most people have a pair somewhere, even if they only break them out in summer. Despite their popularity, I doubt you'll see Havaianas announced as one of the latest fashion trends (I hold out hope as it was only recently that slides were 'in'!). There's no denying that they are a very common choice here in the sunshine state of Queensland. I wasn't able to find a better shoe to wear through all trimesters of pregnancy, especially in those final days when my feet were so swollen nothing else would fit!

Here's some different ways you can wear Havaianas away from the pool or beach. And yes, some of these outfits were worn in winter!

Havaianas and Maxi Skirts

One of my favourite ways to wear maxi skirts is with a pair of my Havaianas. You can layer with things like a denim jacket when it's cooler. The outfits below were what I wore for a bunch of different activities: working from home, a coffee date with a friend, visiting the zoo, and a day shopping at the outlets. Not a beach in sight.

Havaianas and Jeans

This is a good way to keep your legs warm if the weather is cooler but not yet cold enough to wear boots. I wear this often in autumn. You can add cosy scarves and cardigans if it's cooler, or wear my spring favourite outfit topper: a pretty printed kimono. Havaianas are so easy to slip on to run errands, go to playgroup, or even a casual BBQ which are some of the activities I wore the outfits below for.

Havaianas in Summer

They really are a great summer shoe! You don't have to just wear them with a bikini, you can try denim shorts, skirts, really can wear Havaianas with so many different outfits and to so many different places.

You can see why they are a favourite. Do you have any Havaianas or similar shoes? Do you only wear them for summer?

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  1. I only wear them for summer and then usually around the house or garden. In German winter wearing them is a ridiculous thought, and I prefer other shoes like ballet flats or similar on an everyday basis.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  2. Ohh, these Havaianas are so pretty, versatile and easy to style! I have a pair that's quite similar, that I took on our trip to Portugal and I couldn't stop wearing them! They are super comfortable and like you said, easy to wear. I tend to stick to flats all year round, I used to wear heels quite often but my feet just didn't take it very well. Thanks for sharing, lovely! Hope you're having a great week. xoxo


  3. Oh, I didn't know that's what they are called. I wear them a lot too. They seem to go with pretty much everything. Thanks for sharing. :) 

  4. Such a versatile pair of shoes! Love how you wore them.

    Pumps and Push-Ups

  5. I have a plethora of sandals that I love to wear.

  6. I cannot blame knee injury here, but my serious lack of balance, grace, what have you, almost always stops me from wearing anything with a heel. lol I even wore sparkly, champagne flats on my wedding day!

    I do love my Havianas. I'm not a flip- flop person, but I feel like the y are a "dresser" flip flip? haha Perhaps it's the deigns? Whatever the case, I feel more put together when I wear them than a crappy pair of Old Navy ones. Plus, my local Marshals always has amazing deals on them!

  7. I don't wear Havaianas even though the weather really allows it as I don't like showing my toes, i shy away from open shoes-
    I read about the Havaianas marketing case and thought it was so interesting that i did a post on it years ago after visiting the Sao Paulo store in Brasil :

  8. Havaianas are such fun shoes when the weather's nice!

  9. You wouldn't believe how many pairs I have. Though numbers have gone down after my brothers fur baby got into my stash hahaha! Sadly I don't wear them like I used too. I found myself reaching more for my slides than thongs, not just last summer but even before that. I have to say I don't feel like I see many people wearing thongs over here in Melbs. Not like they used too


  10. Oh my gosh! Love my Havaianas in the summer. If I can wear them ALL THE TIME, I totally would. My only problem is that I cant' drive wearing them which really sucks, but otherwise, they really are the perfect summer shoes:)

  11. I always find it funny when I read thongs as over here it's a g-string underwear. I love flip flops though, when they don't hurt my toes. As long as they are comfortable and don't rub! You look great in all these outfits, Mica!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  12. I love Havainas! I'm wearing it all summer long!

  13. Lucky enough to live in Florida where Havaianas are my go-tos, except of course during the 9-5, but they await my return comfortably in the front seat of my car.

  14. Havaianas are very popular in Malaysia but no one talk or wear it here where I live! I miss my pair, it was so comfy too!

  15. Our winter is much colder than yours so my flip flops are only a summer shoe, typically for playing outside with my daughter or going to the pool. They are perfect to slip on!

  16. Flip flops are my summer go to! They are great to keep by my door and just slip on and go!

  17. I wear my flip flops a ton this time of year here, so thanks for all the styling inspiration! I don't think I've been able to wear them in winter though--it's too cold here!

  18. Defs a summer shoe for me and I agree, thongs were one of about three pairs of shoes that still fit at the height of summer pregnancy! I need to get on board the Havi train . . . as long as they don't rub!!!!

  19. I discovered Havaianas when I was in Brazil and absolutely love them!! Wish I could wear them all year round here in Minnesota ;). They seriously are the best right now for my summer pregnancy - so comfortable - and whether they go with the outfit or not, they're my go-to.

  20. Lovely outfit inspiration- so many ways to wear Havainas. I only wear them during the Summer because in my head I only connect them with beach time.

  21. We love Havanas in our house, they are popular from my 7yr olds to my teenagers...even this mama may own a few pairs! :D


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