Tuesday, 27 November 2012

French Connection Blue Paisley Printed Dress, Silver Flats, Marco Tagliaferri Bag

Here's what I wore to go to a training course today:
SunniesBlack sunglasses with grey tinted lenses C/O Firmoo
Necklace: Sterling silver monogram necklace C/O MyNameNecklace.com.au
Bracelets: the usual plus Mimco punklove chain wrist bracelet in grey
DressFrench Connection blue Paisley print dress
ShoesRubi primo ballet flats in silver
Bag: Marco Tagliaferri first generation birk bag in navy from HGBags Online

Close up of accessories and bag:

Had to wear "business casual" for a training course today. I left it to the last minute to check the dress code so spent a bit of time last night trying on a few outfits to wear. I always want to make a good impression on external training courses, but at the same time I didn't want to look too dressed up if everyone was wearing jeans. After about half an hour I was having no luck picking clothes so skipped that step and picked a bag instead.

This Marco Tagliaferri bag is perfect for fitting in notes and presentation packs that you accumulate on courses, plus anything else that arises. Once I had the bag, I ended up picking out this blue dress to compliment it in a few minutes. Sometimes it pays to pick accessories first! I'm much better at picking a bag for an occasion than I am picking out an outfit. ;)

How do you get dressed for events? Do you pick accessories first or last?

The sunnies were last worn here, dress here, shoes here and bag here.

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  1. Accessories are usually an after-thought for me. Maybe if I had as many bags as you I would be the same though lol


  2. That bag is quite amazing! I love it and love that you found it in navy! The dress is so pretty and looks great on you!! I had to laugh that you picked out the bag first and then the dress. I like to pick shoes first lol!

  3. Cute dress! I personally always wear a jacket to any office-related activity as it's almost always too cold there!:)


  4. That's a great idea - I usually have one piece that I want to wear, and then work from that. Lovely dress!

  5. love the monogram necklace! can't wait to order mine!


  6. Haha, love what you ended up wearing! That paisley print dress is just lovely.
    And I usually dress from the shoes up. I pick what shoes I want to wear for the day depending on what I'm doing and then determine if I'm in a jeans or skirt mood. Lol from there, it's always fun to see what I'll end up with :)

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  7. love it!

    thanks for your comments :)




  8. Looks like you came up with a winning combo! I typically pick the outfit first but if it's a great accessory then I'll often plan an outfit around it. I guess it just depends. :)


  9. Adorable bag!!!^^


  10. that dress is great for business casual sorts of things! the print makes it something SPECIAL!

    dash dot dotty

  11. So pretty, love that dress!


  12. I think you did well, and I always choose my accessories after my clothes.
    Chic on the Cheap

  13. I usually choose accessories after but sometimes I'll pick my shoes first and work around those.


  14. fabulous bag and dress! i always accessorize after i'm dressed.

  15. Thanks all for your nice comments! So good to hear how other people start dressing for special occasions.


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