Thursday, 5 January 2012

Wrap dress, outfit inspiration websites

Feeling better and so back to the office today. Had some very productive meetings, lots to think about on a professional front.

Kept my outfit simple :) I love wrap dresses as they are so easy to wear but look very polished too.

Here's what I wore:

Dress: Asos
Singlet underneath: JeansWest
Necklace: gift from DH, don't recall the brand
Bracelets: the usual plus some made by a friend
Shoes: New Look
Bag: Louis Vuitton MM damier azur neverfull

Closeup of accessories:

I'm very excited that my Sass & Bide sale picks arrived today so I'm planning on wearing one of them tomorrow :)

Had a discussion on the Effen Haute forum today about what websites you browse for fashion or outfit inspiration. I find blogs really useful, and I'm often saving outfits or pictures to come back to later. Sometimes I'll leave the computer and try an outfit right away - like the rolled up jeans and heels look. Which doesn't work on shorties like myself!
I've never come across a retail website that I could think of going to specifically for outfit inspiration, do you have any?


  1. Your look is simple and yet chic :)
    I observe everything from bloggers to celebrities to movies to common people on the road for inspiration :)

  2. @Purvi - thanks :)
    I love people watching as well - you get some great outfit ideas that way! :)

  3. Very pretty! The berry color of your dress really works well with your bag.

  4. Love a good wrap dress! This color looks great on you!


  5. Beautiful dress and ahhhmazing accessories, yes you're right wrap dress is simple but always looking sophisticated :)


  6. @Krizia thank you! I got it for my birthday :)

    @Letica - thank you very much. really like the colour of the dress :)

    @Caitlin - thank you, I have a few wrap dresses they are so nice to wear.

    @Cliff thanks so much :) I like to splurge on accessories.

  7. love your accessories :)

  8. @Michelle Lee - thank you :)

  9. love the louis vuitton bag! such a classic look

  10. @Villy K thank you, it was a birthday gift! :)

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