Friday 16 January 2015

Summer Casual Denim Shorts and Printed Tops Outfits. Rebecca Minkoff Love and Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandouliere

Here's what I wore to go out with baby T:
Printed Empire Waist top denim shorts MbMJ studded mouse flats RM Love Bag
SunglassesRayban new Wayfarers
ShirtFrench Connection black paisley printed empire top
ShortsJeanswest black denim cuff shorts
ShoesMarc by Marc Jacobs studded mouse flats in grey
BagRebecca Minkoff Love cross body bag in grey

The style challenge for the day was to 'explore your wardrobe and wear a long lost friend'. I thought of this top right away! I discovered it during my big wardrobe clear out as we turned my wardrobe room into baby's nursery, and happily wore it during pregnancy as it accommodated the bump. I haven't worn it for a little while since, so I am hoping to keep wearing it and not let it get lost in my wardrobe again. It is one of those pieces that is quite limited by how you can wear it, as it really only looks good with skinny jeans. But I have so many fond memories with this top, it's a real oldie and I am not ready to let it leave my wardrobe yet.

Although it does look best with jeans, it looked like it was going to be a hot day that morning, so I put on some shorts as baby and I headed out to the books and rhymes session at the local library. On our way home after getting the groceries, it started to rain. It actually felt quite cold in the afternoon, I wished I had worn jeans!

Last worn: RayBan Wayfarers, paisley print top, denim shorts, studded mouse flats, Rebecca Minkoff Love bag.

Here's what I wore to catch up with my mother's group:
Away From Blue Queensland Summer Denim Shorts Printed tank LV Speedy B outfit
SunniesRayban new Wayfarers
NecklaceNibbly Bits Abacus necklace in pop
TankAtmos&Here 'Florida' tank in Aztec print
ShortsJeanswest denim cuff shorts
ShoesBalenciaga studded sandals in sorbet RGGH
Bracelets: the usual plus two beaded Sportsgirl Butterfly Foundation bracelets, Roie Designs swarovski crystal bracelet and House of Harlow sunburst wrap bracelet in cobalt
BagLouis Vuitton Damier Ebene 30 speedy bandouliere (with Coach feather bag charm)

Away From Blue silver beaded bracelet stack House of Harlow Cobalt Sunburst wrap

Had a busy morning! Baby T and I had some appointments to get to, and my mother's group was having their first catch-up of the new year. The style challenge for the day was to 'wear something that best represents your personality'. I'll admit, I had no idea what to do for that prompt! So I snapped a pic of my bracelet stack. My wrist was layered with a variety of bracelets, some small and dainty, some big and bold, some inspirational, the same ones I wear every day and that have sentimental value....I felt that mixed bag summed up my personality!

I'm trying to review all of my new purchases after I wear them, to be more thoughtful with what I'm buying and how it works with my current lifestyle and wardrobe. You can read more about why I'm doing this here.

This is the second wear of my new printed tank too, so my purchase review:
I'm glad I bought this. I love the print, and even though it's not my usual size I think it looks okay oversized. It works with maxi skirts, although does look better with denim. Still something I can see myself wearing in a few ways, maybe even with pencil skirts when I go back to work this year. I'm pleased I bought it. Not something I needed to buy, just something I wanted to buy, but still something that will get worn often.

Last worn: Wayfarers (see above), printed tank, denim shorts, Balenciaga studded sandals, Louis Vuitton Speedy B.

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  1. Just watching you in shorts wants me to go somewhere warmer!! Love the casual flair of the first outfit, the top print is very cute on you! Its nice that you are reviewing your purchases , thats really a very prudent way to find out if they are worth it or not.Have a great weekend!!

    1. It must be hard seeing me in summer shorts when you are in snow! Sometimes it's so hot I wish it would snow here though, haha! :)

  2. What a cute bracelet stack! I am also jealous of your warm weather - it is literally freezing here. :)


  3. Love the print on your top!

    x Kat

  4. I adore outfit #1! I envy you pulled such look off so perfectly! Being on the curvier side if I would wear a top like that I'd end up like a marshmallow (and not in a good way haha).

    1. You would look great in it! I think it really calls for jeans on the bottom though, that's my fave way to wear it :)

  5. You always have the most beautiful handbags! I'm loving your bracelet stack, so many beautiful cobalts. Especially the HOH one. Have a great weekend Mica! (:

  6. the speedy b looks great! will attempt to convert my speedy into a speedy b with a strap :)
    love the top and looks great with the shorts!

  7. I love your top from French Connection, it's kind of boho.Both your looks show off your figure!

  8. I love both tops on you Mica! You wear prints so well! They both look great on you. Love the bracelet stack! Very pretty!

  9. Your studded Balenciaga sandals are so nice!!! <3 I want to own a pair as well!

    Have a nice day! :)


    1. They were an awesome and very lucky sale buy a few years back, definitely worth it! :)

  10. That Aztec print tank is really awesome!!

  11. wowww, the first look is amazing ;)
    Kiss from Italy
    Check it out my new post :

  12. nice bag, dear :)

  13. That first top is adorable with the shorts - very chic, but still comfy-looking. Loving that armload of bracelets/bands! So awesome!

    1. Thanks! I do love my bracelet stacks, but not always practical for days with baby sadly!

  14. I hate when that happens, you expect the weather to be a certain way all day then bam, it changes suddenly. This happens in Melbourne on a minute by minute basis and it still irks me to no end lol!


    1. Oh yes I don't think I could put up with Melbourne weather for too long, too fickle!

  15. Thank you all for your kind comments and compliments on the bracelet stacking! :)


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