Monday 22 December 2014

Christmas Maxi Dress Outfit, Casual Shorts and Print Mixing. Balenciaga Bags

Two more Fox in Flats Darecember style challenge outfits I've worn. The first is what I wore for an early Christmas, maxi dresses are always a favourite of mine for Christmas, forgiving after you've stuffed yourself with delicious food!

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas! Just a few more sleeps!

Here's what I wore to celebrate Christmas with hubby's family:
Jeanswest snake print maxi dress Balenciaga sang GSH flat clutch
DressJeanswest grey snake print maxi dress
Shoes: Asos 'five star' leather sandals (new purchase)
Bracelets: the usual plus silver charm bracelet
BagBalenciaga flat clutch GSH in 2010 Sang

A Christmas outfit already! As some of hubby's family were going overseas, we held a big get-together for an early Christmas. We exchanged gifts, ate a yummy Christmas meal and had fun celebrating early.

I'd made the decision this year not to buy a new dress to celebrate Christmas in, partly because we will be having so many Christmas get-togethers! I still hadn't decided what dress I'd wear to each Christmas event when I saw that the style challenge for the day was 'bare back', and this backless maxi seemed like a great choice for the party.

The clutch wasn't really necessary as I left it in the baby bag the whole time anyway, it just helped me feel a little more "dressed up" for the occasion. I wasn't sure about the pale pink sandals and the red clutch, but felt they were far enough apart that it didn't matter that they didn't match. I was eager to wear my new shoes!

It makes me really happy to see that the last time I wore this dress, I was pregnant and going for an evening out with hubby. Our last baby-free dinner date! This is a more casual and dressed down look then before.

Last worn: snake print maxi dress, Balenciaga flat clutch. First time I've worn the sandals.

Here's what I wore to go out without baby T:
Summer Print Mixing outfit grey stripe tee Jeanswest printed shorts Bal day bag
SunglassesRayban new Wayfarers
Tee: Cotton On 'Asher' short sleeve tee in white and grey marl deck stripe
ShortsJeanswest 'Scarlette' printed shorts (on sale, 40% off!)
ShoesAsos 'five star' leather sandals
BagBalenciaga giant hardware Day bag in 2009 tempete

My favourite of my style challenge outfits so far, 'print mixing' was the prompt and I knew stripes would be one of my prints. I do wear a lot more stripes now!

Wore this out to go into the city for the first time without baby T. He stayed at home as DH and I caught up after work to view the results of the family photo shoot we'd had a few days earlier. (I didn't get blog photos of my photo shoot outfit, it was just jeans and a tee). It was a really strange experience being in the city by myself! It was such a hot day I was glad I'd picked a simple outfit to wear as I got a little lost trying to find my way to the photo studio on foot.

So soon after the first wear above, this is the second wear of my new shoes, so my thoughts:

I'm really pleased I snapped these up in the Asos sale, I felt I needed a nice simple sandal option for those days when I want to be a little more dressed up than I am in my trusty Havaianas. I've owned a few Asos leather sandals, they always last a couple years and are super cheap, so I'm happy with this purchase and see the shoes being worn a fair bit. Hope you've enjoyed reading along as I analyse all my new purchases - it's certainly making me think more about things I buy and actually helping me to buy less, even though it's only been a few months since I started sharing my purchase reviews on the blog.

While I'm happy to have added the shoes to my wardrobe, this tee is leaving! I've worn it three times on the blog since I bought it (here, here and now), which isn't a lot for something I've had 2 years. It sounds good, a grey striped tee, and it was a bargain, so good that I picked it up and bought it without even trying it on. I've never been completely happy with it any time I've worn it, and this time around was the same, I worried it was sitting oddly or that the stripes looked weird...I have other striped tees and other grey tees I love more, so this tee is going in the donate pile. No point in holding onto and wearing something I don't love.

Last worn: Ray-Ban Wayfarersstriped tee, printed shorts, leather sandals (above), Balenciaga Tempete Day bag.

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  1. aww you look gorgeous in your maxi dress its really perfect <3

  2. Love the Balenciaga bag! xo

  3. Mixing prints is one of the most challenging things (for me anyway). Alot of the time I just ended up with monochromatic colours since it is just way easier. I think you did great mixing the second outfit prints together. About the added clutch but not necessary, hey, nothing wrong for making our self feeling just a bit extra special :)

    1. I think stripes go with everything, so I always make them one of my prints, haha! :)

  4. Love that maxi on you!

    x Kat

  5. Two amazing looks! I am most fond of that maxi and red clutch! Looking lovely, Mica! T.

  6. Love that maxi dress!

    How to wear a casual but feminine and cozy outfit on
    lb-lc fashion blog

  7. I like the second outfit dear :)

  8. That snakeskin maxi looks amazing on you, Mica!

    Happy holidays and best wishes for the new year.

    SSG xxx

  9. What a fabulous maxi! I love the snake print and the neckline looks gorgeous on you. I have so many dresses I'm not getting a new one for christmas this year either.
    Chic on the Cheap

    1. Hope you enjoy wearing an old favourite! :)

  10. You do wear maxi dresses and skirts well Mica. Love that snakeskin print. Dinner with your hubby's family sounded awesome. I got rid of some things too. Sometimes we just outgrow what's in our closet. You got good wear out of it. Love the mixing of prints.

    1. Yes, it's great to have the blog so I can see when I wear things and when it's time for them to leave my wardrobe, haha! :)

  11. love the first outfit!!! that maxi dress is amazing on you as always!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  12. ooh that snakeskin dress is lovely!! i like!

    xo, Carla

  13. WOW Mica, that Maxi Skirt is divine. The best one you own, in my opinion. I also love the red purse. You look fabulous!!

    Wishing you and your family a Blessed, Beautiful Holiday Season! Merry Christmas!!

    <3 Ada.

  14. I absolutely love that maxi dress on you so fab and chic!! Hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas Mica:)

  15. The maxi dress is beautiful! It's quite strange for me to see people wearing summer clothing around this time of the year! Of course I knew even before blogging, but I never actually saw you folks.

    That said, I agree completely that there is no point in keeping things you aren't wearing. Nowadays I am very picky about even buying it, no matter the price. This morning in the city, I put back a 1€ ring because I wasn't feeling it 100%. That 1€ is going into the savings box now :P

    Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas!

    Alex - Funky Jungle

    1. yes, all those little purchases add up! It's good to save instead of spend sometimes :)

  16. That maxi dress is just beautiful on you! I love the snakeskin print too!

  17. What an awesome maxidress - the prints are so fab!!! Wishing you already a Merry Christmas!!


  18. Maxi dresses are just gorgeous styles to always have in your wardrobe. I love the first outfit, and what a great look to spend with your hubby's family. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas! :) xx
    Rugged Comfort

  19. Your Balenciaga clutch is just breathtaking. The red is striking & the overall design is very unique.

    :] // ▲ ▲

  20. you look gorgeous in that first pic--not that you don't look great in the other one but that first one has you just shining! :)

    1. Thank you! Hubby took that pic so he will be very pleased it's the better one! :)

  21. A maxi dress for christmas?! I'm so jealous! I hope you had a great holiday! :) Thanks for joining J and me for the Celebrate Southern Linkup! I hope you join us again this week! Cheers! :)

  22. You look so nice in that snake print maxi dress and I am all for that Balenciaga clutch.

  23. SO cute!! You are adorable! I am doing a FREE BURBERRY fragrance giveaway if you want to enter!! :)

  24. Thank you all for your lovely comments and Christmas wishes.


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