Saturday, 7 January 2012

Balenciaga city bag giveaway at Fashion Chalet!

Came across this today and had to share - so easy to enter and open internationally.

Who wouldn't want to win a Balenciaga handbag?!

To enter check out the Fashion Chalet post here:

The city is my favourite of all the Balenciaga styles. I currently own 3 cities - they are both pretty and practical! I did a short video review of the city and what it can hold which you can view below.

Good luck with the competition!


  1. i like this blog! ;)

  2. @Vigilant lense - thanks :)

  3. Ooh... Fantastic. Thanks for the heads up. Cross fingers!
    xx Mandi

  4. @Mandi - no worries. Good luck! :)

  5. I'd die for it in that pink. Ever sell, contact me? ;)

    x X

    1. @Fashion Chalet - haha I will keep you in mind! I rarely sell my Balenciagas though, they're too special to me. If I do it will be through bonanza or on the forum at


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